• KazaKar

    When you clear off, I park

    When you download the application you become a member of the community and benefit from its services


  • KazaKar

    When you clear off, I park

    KazaKar is a service that connects drivers who belong to the same community so that they can exchange parking spaces


  • KazaKar

    When you clear off, I park

    KazaKar looks for you then finds parking spaces around you, depending on you vehicle size


KazaKar, What’s that ?

You use a vehicle and own a Smart Phone, KazaKar is going to be very handful...


Have the proper reflex

You’re about to get back to your vehicle and leave a parking space ? Report to KazaKar that your space is to be vacant so that the KazaKar community can be informed. More...

A community

KazaKar is based on a community ; the more members sharing information are connected, the more spaces are to be shared. More...

An Application

You can download KazaKar on Google play or Apple store ; you only have to put your name down, describe the type of vehicle or vehicles you have, and you have access to the Kazacar world. More...

Additional services

KazaKar is a Service that aims at simplifying parking and more !

KazaKar also proposes other services. More...

A simple solution

From now on, leaving one’s space « I’m going back to my vehicle » and parking « I’m looking for a space » separated by only two clicks. More...

The KazaKar application can be downloaded for free on :

  • Difficult travel

  • Difficult parking

  • Pollution risks

Have the proper reflex

Having the KazaKar reflex means telling the other users that a space is about to be vacant. When the function « I’m going back to my vehicle », is activated, KazaKar calculates the time it takes for the user to go back to his/her vehicle and informs the KazaKar community. The information is transmitted to the drivers who are looking for a parking space in the near area.

The « beep reminder » function helps the users to remember to have the « KazaKar reflex ». When the user goes back to his vehicle, he / she can use that function and have a reminder in programing the moment he / she has to go back to the vehicle.

For example, you return to your car parked in the city center after having gone shopping. In order to inform the other users I will leave my parking space, I press on the « I’m going back to my vehicle » button. KazaKar then calculates how long it will take you to reach your vehicle and will inform the community precisely when the space will be vacant.

A community

Today, we all know how difficult driving and parking in big cities can be, and it is the reason why we should use our vehicle with responsibility and solidarity. KazaKar is a community that simplifies parking : each member reports when going back to his vehicle allowing thus another member to park. The community offers thus a space adapted to the size of each vehicle.

I wish to be informed of all the events concerning KazaKar and its Community.


This community involves the owners of scooters, as well as the users of large or small cars, the professionals of urban parking and all those who wish to inform the other users of any event occurring in the streets. The community watches over my car after it is parked. Any alert concerning the space where I am parked is immediately transmitted to me.

An application

An application

KazaKar is an application in the service of car parking. Its functions are based on 5 fundamental principles :

1 A useful community

2 Finding a parking space at the place of destination

3 Taking into account the size of the vehicles

4 Inform the community a space is going to be vacant

5 Being able to give data on the community

> Application overview

Download the KazaKar application on Google play or Apple Store for free. Just characteristics of your vehicle and become a member of the community.

Additional services

KazaKar not only simplifies parking but also means :

1 Knowing where the nearest parking meter is

If you are looking for a parking meter, once you have pressed the « I am parking » button, all the meters around your car will be signaled.

2 Knowing where the nearest parking lot is

If ever you cannot find an vacant parking space in the street (traffic jam, obstacles etc.) KazaKar tells you where you can find the nearest parking lot.

3 Knowing where the tow away trucks are

All the users who are parked or looking for a parking space will be directly alerted.

4 Having a parking meter timer

This function allows you to know precisely when the parking time is up.

5 Finding your car

A very useful function for those who tend to forget where they parked. KazaKar guides you to your parking space (... while indicating to the other users you are going back to your vehicle)

6 Alert beep: « I’m going back to my vehicle » (... my space will thus be vacant)

This is a very important function for the community. So that you will not forget to inform the other users, we have created a reminder which will unable you to program a theoretical return to your vehicle so that you won’t forget to press the « going back » button.

A simple solution

A simple solution

In just one click, you inform the community you are leaving a space or you are looking for one.

1 Indicating you have parked

When finding a vacant space, it is recommended you inform the community using the function « I’m parking », so that your space can become a vacant space in the near future.

2 Informing you are going back to your vehicle

In doing this, the other users who are looking for a space will be informed that a member of the community is going back to his vehicle. KazaKar can calculate the time it twill take for the user to get back to his car and the moment the space will be vacant.

3 Informing you are leaving

When a user indicates he / she is going to leave (function « I’m going ») another user is going to park and do the same. This way, a vacant KazaKar space can be indefinitely.

The KazaKar application can be downloaded for free on :