The application

KazaKar created, for each member of our community, a set of unique functions so that driving in the city and parking become, if not a sinecure, at least a much easier and less stressing task.

For a better experience

  • 1 When you are looking for a vacant space, KazaKar informs me of all the spaces that will soon be vacant while taking into account the size of the vehicles. Each space indicates the estimated time before it twill be vacant. Thank you to all KazaKaris who inform they are going back to their vehicle.
  • 2 KazaKar is the solution to car parking problems for car drivers as well as bikers.
  • 3 KazaKar can calculate your itinerary and automatically start looking for a space when you approach your destination. Thus you can concentrate on your driving.
  • 4 In order to fully participate to the community you can inform at all time the other KazaKaris of a danger. No more bad surprises.
  • 5 If you are interested by a space, you only need one click to display the itinerary and to have the estimated time of your arrival.
  • 6 When you are close to your parking space, KazaKar indicates the type of vehicle and its color. Furthermore, in order to avoid another member to become frustrated, KazaKar marks that the space is taken as long as you stay near it. No more false joys.
  • 7 KazaKar asks and takes into account the type of car parking you wish.
  • 8 Once you are parked, KazaKar allows you to determine a length of time for the parking meter and an alarm. When time is almost up, KazaKar will send a notification directly on your phone. No more tickets for over time.
  • 9 When you inform à KazaKar you are going back to your vehicle KazaKar calculates the best itinerary on foot to your vehicle using the estimated time needed and signals to the KazaKaris a space that will soon be vacant. The cycle is completed.

The KazaKar application can be downloaded for free on :